We have a number of important announcements:

  1. Congratulations to Daniel Chen and Agathe Pernoud for being named co-winners of the best JMP prize. They have been invited to join the FTG and we will celebrate their award in the Fall meeting. The Award Committee based the choice on the recommendations received and a careful reading of their JMPs. Big thanks to the Committee: Ana Babus, Zhiguo He, Peter Kondor, Marzena Rostek, and Liyan Yang.
  2. New Fellows: It is an honor to have as new fellows:
    • Markus Brunnermeier
    • Mike Burkart
    • Dimitri Vayanos
    • Laura Veldkamp
    • Xavier Vives
  3. We are also delighted to honor Itay Goldstein’s numerous contributions to the field at large and in particular to the FTG by naming him a Fellow.
  4. On behalf of the whole FTG and the broader Finance community, we would like to celebrate Denis Gromb by naming him a Fellow.
  5. After receiving 109 nominations for about 40 people, the board worked quite hard to make decisions on who to admit from such a worthy pool. Unfortunately, we are limited to only 12. After much consideration, we have selected 12 new members. Please join me in congratulating them and we hope to see them soon at a future meeting:
    • Yu An
    • Markus Baldauf
    • Adelina Barbalau
    • Alexandr Kopytov
    • Jangwoo Lee
    • Tomy Lee
    • Joshua Mollner
    • Markus Parlasca
    • Alejandro Rivera
    • Jian Sun
    • Alberto Teguia
    • Milena Wittwer