Diego Garcia



Diego Garcia

University of Colorado at Boulder


Featured Work


Overconfidence and market efficiency with heterogeneous agents

   Aug 02,2023

We study financial markets in which both rational and overconfident agents coexist and make endogenous information acquisition decisions. We demonstrate...

Noise and aggregation of information in large markets

   Aug 02,2023

We study a novel class of noisy rational expectations equilibria in markets with large number of agents. We show that,...

Optimal contracts with privately informed agents and active principals

   Aug 02,2023

This paper considers an optimal contracting problem between an informed risk-averse agent and a principal, when the agent needs to...

The Equilibrium Consequences of Indexing

   Aug 02,2023

We develop a benchmark model to study the equilibrium consequences of indexing in a standard rational expectations setting. Individuals incur...

Asymmetric information, security design, and the pecking (dis)order

   Aug 02,2023

We study a security design problem under asymmetric information, in the spirit of Myers and Majluf (1984). We introduce a...

Information sales and strategic trading

   Aug 02,2023

We study information sales in financial markets with strategic risk-averse traders. Our main result establishes that the optimal selling mechanism...

Relative wealth concerns and complementarities in information acquisition

   Aug 02,2023

This paper studies how relative consumption effects, in which a person's satisfaction with their own consumption depends on how much...

Information acquisition and mutual funds

   Aug 02,2023

We study the size and the existence of the mutual fund industry by generalizing the standard competitive noisy rational expectations...